Third Union Baptist Church was organized in 1869 - four years after the close of the Civil War.  The United States government sent a Mr. Goodyear from the North to establish schools for the educations of the newly freed persons of the South.  After building a school at Venter in King William County, a large quantity of lumber was left.  Mr Goodyear met with Negro Community leaders in King William and urged them to establish a church of their own.

At this time, several Negroes held membership at Acquinton, Colosee, and Sharon Baptist Churches.  Members of the Whiting family, relatives of  Mrs. Cecelia Reid of West Point, Virginia, held their membership in Colosse.  Several members of the family of the late Mrs. Ephram Bowler, mother of Mrs. Betty Wright, belonged to Acquinton Baptist Church.  With the encouragement of Mr. Goodyear, in the spring of 1896, the founding fathers purchased from Mr. Hill King, an acre of land on the road leading to Walkerton (now route 629) for the sum of $26.00.  Trees on the properties of the late Henry Smith and Ben Morris Sr. provided foundation materials for the church.  Boards for the siding were gifts of lumber from Mr. Goodyear - left after the construction of the school.  The Church was built similarly to slave quarters - with the boards extending upright.  The exact size of this first church is not known.  However, when the "Big Meetings" were held, bush arbor extensions were used to make more space for members and visiting friends.  The church building was not only used for worship on Sundays, but also served as school during the week.